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Our Current Creative Team For All Publications

Editor-in Chief/ President: Dr. Rev. Tiffany M. West

Vice President/Assistant Editor:Dr. Rev. Belinda West

 Assistant Editor:SSG Vernon Thomas

Assistant Editor:Mr. Kory Curtis

Special Project Graphics- Mr. Duffy K. George

Designed to Ignite Monthly Magazine

Creative Team

Editor-in Chief/ President: Dr. Rev. Tiffany M. West

Vice President/ Special Projects Assistant Editor:Dr. Rev. Belinda West

Special Project Graphics- Mr. Duffy K. George


Previous Writers and Guest Writers

Bishop Dr. Dennis West ROCK

Elder Lo Debar Traveler FROM A MANS HEART

Pastor Steve Burton DOORKEEPERS

Sis. Heather Spears SOUL SATURATION

Mother Myrtle Gilliam HAPPY HAPPENINGS

SSG Jeanne Craft ROCK

Worship Leader Dixie Nesland-Putnal LAND OF RESTORATION


Pastor Karen Sutherland FROM A WRITERS HEART

 Sis. Julie Craft Daring to Defend

Sis. Amanda Galewski Saved by the Blood

Sis. Nicole Richard Worth My Time

Sis Aislynn Holt ROCK

Sis. Jennifer McFarland Finding Hope

Bishop Paul Hughes From a Mans Heart

Sis. Gerry Gardener Door Keepers

Rev. Siegi Campbell  Bible Study

Dr. Rev. Belinda West  Gentle General/ Spicin’ Up The Kitchen

Rev. Janice Parrish Encourager of the Faith


Rev. Dr. Tiffany West Breaking the Mold


GUEST WRITERS: Sis. Wilma Miller ( Insurance Specialist Florida COG) , Sis. Joyce Stephens (Florida Women's President, Dr.Lawrence Miller ( Mayor of Arcadia, FL), Ryan Peterson (Missionary in Kenya, Africa), Pastor Ivan Baleeta (Pastor of Our Kids- Uganda), Locke Gary (Missions and Evangelism).

We are striving towards excellence in christian journalism in order to further His kingdom. (Lord, not us but you.) we have handpicked ministers and elders from across our country to appear as regular columnists.


The mission for this magazine is of course an extension of our ministry. We desire to give hope to those who feel hopeless. We strive to inspire with stories of overcoming obstacles in every part of your life. We are a magazine for everyone in any part of your life. Real people sharing real stories with real results!

Our first issue was published June 2009 and was available monthly through December 2014! We invite you to try one issue of our magazine.... you will be hooked!

Writing to Ignite (annual publication)

2009 Writing to Ignite

2010 Writing to Ignite

2011 Writing to Ignite


One of the purposes of our ministry is to build the self esteem of young people. We feel one avenue for this is through Creative Writing. As a non-profit organization, we show case the talents of students in our annual “Writing to Ignite” publication. There is a preliminary judging, and then notification of student’s work accepted for this annual publication. We at Unique Design Ministries, Inc. realize this venture will take additional time and effort on the teachers as well as the students. However, we believe it will pay back dividends when students see their work published.

Children's Books

Books Available and Authors

The Old Rusty Truck

Fred the Duck


RJ and Pappa

Backyard Adventures

Through the Eyes of a Child

Augustus the Alligator

 The Mockingbird

Pickle Pete

Desire vs Stability

The Lost Sheep

Koala Bear Frenzy

Small Seeds Results in Giant Things



 written by Ryan Taylor and AJ Olender

written by Jessica Finkle and Garrett

written by Christopher Fraiser

written by Dr. Rev. Belinda West

written by Miss Skyla Craft

written by Dr. Rev. Belinda West

written by Dr. Rev. Belinda West

written by Sis. Charlotte Winstead

written by Dr. Rev. Belinda West

written by Nick Hewitt

written by Stephen James

written by Madison Franz

written by Dr. Rev. Belinda West


3 more books to be released in 2017!



By  Unique Design Ministries and all of its publications is in an attempt to further the kingdom even to the forgotten people of society. Pressing forward with faith, we believe we were all designed to ignite by our Creator. What will you ignite?