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Dr. Rev. Tiffany West

Rev. Tiffany West was born into a strong family with a Christian heritage. Raised in a ministerial home, she saw firsthand the good even a few could do. Driven by her relationship with God and encouraging parents, Tiffany earned an Associates in Design and Merchandising in addition to a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Christian Education and Theology. Currently she is pursuing her doctorate degree. She has served in several ministerial capacities but is known most by her active participation in evangelism, girls and boys clubs, and outreach.


She currently runs By Unique Design Ministries and all of its publications in an attempt to further the kingdom even to the forgotten people of society. Pressing forward with faith, she believes we were all designed to ignite by our Creator. What will you ignite?



Rev. Janice Parrish

Rev. Parrish’s life has been a life of faith. She is a woman of prayer and of the Word. She has over thirty years of ministerial experience and is credentialed through the Full Gospel Churches International.


Gentle General/ Spicin’ Up The Kitche

Dr. Rev. Belinda West

Rev. Dr. Belinda West was raised in a Christian home and given a godly heritage by her parents- David and Beulah Hamman. Rev. West has had a fruitful ministry, credentialed through the Church of God (Cleveland, Tn) since 1980. She attended Lee University and graduated from Faith Bible College and Seminary and recently earned her doctrate through Crossland Christian University. Belinda is married to Ordained Bishop Ordained Bishop Dr. Dennis West with whom she has shared pastoral endeavors in Missouri, Kansas, and Florida. Belinda is a sought after evangelist, preaching in Missouri, Kansas, Oregon, Arkansas, Iowa, and Florida. She is a gifted ladies seminar speaker and feels that a focal point of her ministry is to reach, renew, restore, and release. During her thirty one years of ministry God has not allowed her to forget the mission field in her own home with her husband, children, and now grandchildren. Belinda feels strongly that she is called by God to preach the gospel but must never neglect her biblical role as wife, mother, and grandmother. Rev. Belinda West is known as a Gentle General, a title given to her by an outstanding minister- Rev. LS Cooper.



Gerry Gardner

Gerry is a gifted teacher and prayer minister focused by a Kingdom perspective. Gerry and her husband Scott are the founding directors of Compelled By Grace – A Global Ministry with a mission to lead people to the saving love of Jesus Christ through worship, teaching, healing, and prayer. The passion for their ministry is found in Hebrews 12:15 “…that no one misses the grace of God.” They especially seek to minister where people have not yet found Christ, looking for divine appointments wherever God leads.


Gerry served fourteen years as administrator /director of an international healing ministry out of Osprey, Florida, leading healing conferences, training prayer facilitators, and facilitating individual prayer ministry. Gerry will graduate in December 2012 with a M.A. in World Mission and Evangelism from Asbury Theological Seminary. Her book, Hearts That Matter Much, will be published in early 2013 about ministering inner healing with children. Gerry is on the board of REACH-USA, Inc., supporting the healing and reconciliation ministry of REACH Organization in Rwanda, East Africa, that ministers to both the survivors and perpetrators of the 1994 genocide.



Rev. Siegi Campbell

Sieglinde Campbell resides in Glen St. Mary, Fl. She has been married for twenty– five years to Bill Campbell. They have two boys. She is a registered nurse and holds the position of nursing director at the local health department. Bill and Siegi completed the MIP in May 2008 and she is an ordained minister in the Church of God. She currently is a Sunday School teacher for the young married adult class and serves as Associate Pastor of Family Ministries at Souls Harbor Church of God in Glen St. Mary, FL.



Bishop Paul Hughes

Bishop Paul Hughes served in the USAF from July 1973 to August 1979. He accepted Christ as Savior and Lord in February 1977 at a Church of God Christian Servicemen’s Center in Torrejon, Spain and was baptized in the Holy Ghost in November 1977, while attending a Church of God Servicemen’s camp meeting in Stuggart, Germany. He attended Lee University majoring in Missiology and Christian education. Later, Bishop Hughes would re-enter the USAF from May 1982 to September 1994.


In October 1995, he accepted his first pastorate and was soon after credentialed with Church of God in 1996. Currently, he pastors Cornerstone Church of God in Wichita, KS. In addition; in March 2005 he began a new Prison Ministry: Freedom Challenge, Inc., Hutchinson Correctional Facility, Hutchinson, KS. (Teen Challenge affiliate). Serve as Program Director/Administrator of the program within the facility.



Sis. Jennifer McFarland

Sis. Jennifer Gayle McFarland, was born in Nashville, TN to William & Judith Merrick on August 8, 1981. She was raised in Lake Mary, FL with her two younger brothers, David & Thomas, and her baby sister, Kara Elizabeth. She married her best friend, Rev. Jerry McFarland, Jr. (a.k.a. Jake) on July 7, 2007, and inherited two beautiful stepdaughters, Brittany – 20, and Kylie – 9, who she loves dearly and claims them as her own. Jennifer is the Children’s Church Director at the Christmas Church of God where she and her husband are active members and work in the Children/Youth Ministry together. She works as an Office Administrator for Whitaker Exterminating Co. in Chuluota, FL during the weekdays, and is also attending Crossland Christian University where she is working towards her Associates in Theology. Jennifer draws her strength from the Lord to get her through the busy days, and she has a drive in her spirit to help others see that they too can have hope in the Lord.



Sis. Aislynn Holt

Aislynn is the Co-Leader of a Christ following, God fearing family. She married her high school sweetheart who is a Youth Pastor. Aislynn is the "momma" to two boys, Luk (five years old) and Logan (two years old), and admits to being painfully human. She has a degree in English Literature, but feels the calling to stay at home with her two boys homeschooling them and being available for her husband and his ministry.



Sis. Nicole Richard


Nicole Richard is 27 years old, single, and calls Saint Louis her home. She calls The Journey her church and is thankful for her renewed faith. In her spare time, Nicole enjoys music, traveling, reading and spending time with her amazing family and a strong support group she calls friends. She is very grateful for the opportunity to share her faith with others.




Amanda Galewski is twenty-one years old and lives in Cape Coral, Florida. She gave her heart to Christ in June of 2010. Her home was always filled with faith and a strong foundation of God’s love. Currently she works in the insurance field but her goal is to follow the heart of God for His people and pursue a career in ministry. Amanda has a strong passion to see souls get saved and enjoys sharing what God has placed on her heart. She volunteered for about one and a half years teaching Sunday school and is currently volunteering for the Women’s Mentoring Ministry at her church where she is blessed to pour into and receive from other woman. Being a vessel for God is her greatest delight!

Previous Writers and Guest Writers

Bishop Dr. Dennis West ROCK

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Pastor Steve Burton DOORKEEPERS

Sis. Heather Spears SOUL SATURATION

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GUEST WRITERS: Sis. Wilma Miller ( Insurance Specialist Florida COG) , Sis. Joyce Stephens (Florida Women's President, Dr.Lawrence Miller ( Mayor of Arcadia, FL), Ryan Peterson (Missionary in Kenya, Africa), Pastor Ivan Baleeta (Pastor of Our Kids- Uganda), Locke Gary (Missions and Evangelism).

We are striving towards excellence in christian journalism in order to further His kingdom. (Lord, not us but you.) we have handpicked ministers and elders from across our country to appear as regular columnists.


The mission for this magazine is of course an extension of our ministry. We desire to give hope to those who feel hopeless. We strve to inspire with stories of overcoming obstacles in every part of your life. We are a magazine for everyone in any part of your life. Real people sharing real stories with real results!

Our first issue was published June 2009 and is available monthly! We invite you to try one issue of our magazine.... you will be hooked!

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Writing to Ignite (annual publication)

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One of the purposes of our ministry is to build the self esteem of young people. We feel one avenue for this is through Creative Writing. As a non-profit organization, we show case the talents of students in our annual “Writing to Ignite” publication. There is a preliminary judging, and then notification of student’s work accepted for this annual publication. We at Unique Design Ministries, Inc. realize this venture will take additional time and effort on the teachers as well as the students. However, we believe it will pay back dividends when students see their work published.

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written by Ryan Taylor and AJ Olender

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written by Dr. Rev. Belinda West

written by Dr. Rev. Belinda West



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